1. The hydraulic oil pump will be assembled ( Steyr 786 PS you have to use a plastic vantilator blade )
  2. The oil reservoir will be attached to the cylinder head front right bolt
  3. The lift assembly bracket should be fitted to the engine body
  4. The lift valve and piston should be assembled
  5. A hose 5/8 R6 should be assembled from reservoir to oil pump
  6. Return hose from lift to reservoir 3 / 8 R6
  7. Pressure hose from oil pump to lift 5/16 R1
  8. Assemble tie rod
  9. After that center the valve shaft and fasten with M8 bolts
  10. Use special sae 10 or 20 (1 lt.) start engine, check oil level and add some more id necessary, check fastening bolts and hoses after 1 week
  11. The adjusting screw og the pressure valve