1. The hydraulic oil pump will be installed
  2. The lift connecting parts must be welled on to the radius and the distance will be adjusted from the center of the two rods conical holes as 825 mm. for MF 135 the connecting parts will be installed on the engine block for MF and MF 225
  3. The lift will se installed
  4. The oil pressure hose
  5. The discharing oil hose
  6. The oil hose will be installed passing beside. The crack pulley on to the hydraulic pump
  7. The long rod will be installed
  8. While installing the long on to the lift command arm be sure that installing should slightly not by force other wise the steering does not work properly. The screw (8mm) must be tightened into the center valve command arm hole.
  9. The žong rod connecting parts must be welded on the front spindle head and distance from the hub center to the conical hole center will be adjusted as 120mm. bottom long rod is adjusted by manufacturer the two front whells shoulded be adjusted as 8 mm. closer from front side according to front wheel back side
  10. Use special sae 10 or 20 oil start the engine, check the oil level and add some more oil if it is necessary, air willbe discharged by turning the steering wheell to the right side and to the left side until the oil comes out.
  11. The adjusteing screw of the pressure valve