1. The lift assembly bracket should be fitted to the engine body
  2. Lift valve and piston will be assembled complete lift eith rod and the center is 180 mm.
  3. Drag link will be assemled, complete rod with the centre is 100mm
  4. The drag link should be slightly assembled on the to lift command arm with out forcing, other wise the steering does not work properly. The 8mm. screw must be adjustef into the centre of valve command arm hole.
  5. Hydraulic oil pump support
  6. Crank pump head
  7. Hyraulic oil pump connecting plate
  8. Hyrdraulic oil pump
  9. Oil reservoir
  10. 5 / 8 R6 rose must be fitted from the reservoir to the oil pump eith hose clamps
  11. 5 / 16 R1 pressure hose must be fitted from the hydraulic oil pump to the valve
  12. 3 / 8 R6 return hose must be fitted from lift to the reservoir
  13. After mounting use special sae 10 or 20 (1 llt.) to start engine and check the oil level add some more if necessary. Check the fastening bolts and the hoses after one week
  14. The pressure valve adjusting screw

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