AMF 01

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AMF 01 valve is a specially desgined auxiliary hydraulic valve for Massey Ferguson tractors for the operation of all kinds of hydraulic attachments on the tractors. Simple to attach and use: Valve can easiliy be atteched to the tractor by two bolts where the cap hydraulic lift cover on the tractor has been removed.

The three point linkage system control lever enables the user to lock and to control the movement speed of the linkage system sensitively while the handle position lock makes the control lever locked at the desired position and remains stable during the operation.
Technical Characteristics  
Nominal Flow 50 lt./min
Max. Operating Pressure 315 bar
Max. Back Pressure 30 bar
Recommended Oil Viscosity 5.4 - 11.4 CST (100 C° )
Recommended Oil Filtering Max 30 micron
Weight 5.9
Optionals :
Adjustable Direct Operated Relief Valve
Single - Double Action


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